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Today only very few areas remain in Mediterranean Europe, of such outstanding and unspoilt beauty as the island of Lefkas. It offers exceptional opportunities for acquiring land, villas & houses on Lefkas and the surrounding islands of Meganisi, Skorpios, Madouri, Kastos, Kithros & Kalamos. To help bring you closer to fulfilling the dream of your own individual property on our beautiful island of Lefkas, you really must look at the selected objects presented by our real estate agency.

First click on Land or Villas then on the pictures to view current information about the properties we have for sale in Lefkada. See something you like, then click on the icon remember me and at the end of your selections and please leave us your contact information that way we can get back to you as quickly as possible. We update our site almost daily!

Land, Villas and Investment Properties on Lefkas

We have for sale a large selection of individual properties, waterfront land, waterfront villas, occasions and bargains on the island of Lefkas as well as these smaller islands, too.

Search glorious beach areas such as the ones on the west side of Lefkas Island. Some of the names are Agios Nikitas, Kathisma, and Agios Ioannis, as well as others, and you will have stunning views of out of ordinary rock formations that seem to be emerging from the middle of the sea bed. For the sportier public that is interested in sailing, water-skiing, surfing, kiting, diving and snorkelling in crystal clear waters while here on Lefkas, you have the recognized bays of the east coast. View our selections of beachfront properties at Ammouso, Poros, or Vasiliki. that present you with many different activities that Lefkas has to offer. Or go to Sivota Bay where you can blend in with the locals and just sit at one of the local taverns and enjoy a traditional Greek meal.

There are many traditional mountainside properties in small yet well-known villages like Karia, Nikiana, Katouna, or Vliho just to name a few. These places make you feel as though you are transported back in time. You are greeted by old pine forests, olive groves and grape abeles with streets that are lined with wild lavender, green tea and an assortment of wildflowers all along the sides of the roads leading you from place to place. They have town squares that are filled with little cafes and local shops where you can buy local produce, Lefkas honey and Lefkadian wine as you gaze out into magnificent mountain and sea views.

If it is traditional stone houses that you seek on Lefkas, we can support you with the restoring or renovation process. Our reputable engineers and developers on Lefkada can suggest cost-effective and sturdy construction ideas. Construction building laws are changing every day and our team of engineers can help you sort those issues out along with help you choose the best materials for the job, help you to obtain building licenses and any other issues that might come up in the process. It can be a costly process, but the rewards can out way the expense if you plan correctly.

Or if you prefer something more of a modern contemporary architectural design, we offer a very flexible design system that allows you interchange and adapt individual rooms to your specific needs without having to change the building license itself, making this a wonderful cost and time-efficient method. This is also helpful when choosing the different type of materials that you would like used (i.e. plaster wall, stone, glass, pergolas, etc.) as well as for deciding how each space will function. You can do inside/outside courtyards and pools all within the same structure enabling you to own a one of kind contemporary architecture home. Of course, each will be designed differently for every plot due to the property’s own topographic restrictions, views and landscape.

We offer a wide range of waterfront properties on Lefkada as well. These properties are clearly worded as waterfront in the main description due to the high demand for such properties. Most, are only a few steps away from a secluded beach and overlook islands like the famous island of Ithaca that is depicted in Homers The Odyssey, Kefalonia one of the favourite places of Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson and smaller uninhabited islands like the island of Arkoudi that looks like a bear sleeping in the middle of the sea. You also can see the island of Meganisi that is easily accessible by ferryboat. There are also a few famous private islands like Madouri, belonging to the Greek poet Aristotelis Valioritis, Scorpidi that is rumoured to have been purchased by an Emir of Qatar, Sparti that is the estate of the late Alexandros Onassis, and the most famous island of all, the island of Scorpios that was originally one of the homes of the shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis and was host to the rich and famous jet setters in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

There are plenty of investment opportunities from reputable builders on Lefkas. Our estate agency has a wonderful selection of apartment buildings, villa complexes, or single-family homes with attached rental units that can generate extra income, especially in the summer months. Lefkas is a well-known tourist area not only for those that are here to visit from abroad but with Greek citizens as well. The season here on Lefkas starts around the first week of May, but really doesn’t go into full swing until the second week of July and lasts until the last week of October. The weather is perfect for sailboats and kit surfing not only during those months. There are plenty of Lefkas rental companies that not only rent boats and kites but cars and mopeds too. Greece is in the process of developing superhighway systems to and from all the major cities making it even easier to travel within the country and especially to Lefkas and it’s surrounding islands.

Services on Lefkas

Whether it is purchasing an already existing home or building one from the ground up, we are a service provider that can help you choose your team of reputable engineers and developers as well as lawyers, tax accountants and notaries. We will be pleased to see you through all formalities, because - despite the euphoria - the acquisition and the sale of a property in Greece may confront the buyer and seller with many momentous but avoidable problems with ownership titles, building laws and land sizes.

Already own or want to own a single-family home, olive grove or investment unit, or would like to sell one, we help you find suitable and reliable staff on Lefkas or Meganisi for the construction and or upkeep of your property, housekeeping, pool service, landscaping and even help you get ready for the sale whether you are here or away.

We work with local experts from Lefkas that are knowledgeable in the areas of solar energy and low energy systems and are able to guide you in choosing the right equipment for your needs along with assist you in purchasing these products and installation because not all of the plots, homes or villas have utilities nearby.

We can also provide relocation assistance and refer you to other service providers on Lefkas island such as building site maintenance staff and engineers. We can help you with the hiring of housekeeping staff and security. Work with insurance agents to determine the best policy requirements for your property (i.e. earthquake coverage) if needed.

Our wish is to give you the best, accurate and reasonable price selections that Lefkas has. We strive to offer all our clients a high quality of service and would like the chance to do the same for you. Please feel free to look through our website and decide for yourself.

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