The island

Leukada... Lefkas... Lefkada...

It is the fourth-biggest among the Ionian islands of Greece´s west coast and according to the German archeologist Doerpfeld`s theory it is the Ithaka of Homer, home of Ulysses. Be that as it may, compared to Korfu and Kephallonia, this beautiful island with its mountain-ranges, luxuriant vegetation and 117 km of coast, surrounded by a turquoise sea, is still considered an insider´s tip.

Sailing, water-skiing, surfing, kiting, diving and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters . . . paragliding, hiking and (extreme-)biking . . . if you like exercise, you´ll get your money´s worth here. The beaches on the west coast of Lefkas are among the most beautiful of the archipelago, some of them are considered to be Greece´s finest.