The west coast with breathtaking beaches

Dream-beaches on the west coast

Of course, this island which is unusually green – this really must be pointed out again – has lots of beaches and romantic bays along the west coast which are worth exploring. But Kathisma beach, too, with “party-time” along the modern beach-bars, is more than just a very popular meeting-point for the young. From here to Porto Katsiki, what are probably the island´s most beautiful beaches are hidden. Often they are difficult to reach because of steep rocks and cliffs, for some of them, you even need a boat. The trouble of getting there however is richly rewarded by fantastic natural surroundings.


Agios Nikitas

On the west coast, south of Tsoukalades, lies the spacious bay of Agios Nikitas with the old fishing-village of the same name, the only fishing-village on the island to be situated directly by the sea. It´s a lovely location, with a small, old village-centre with cosy taverns and pretty hotels. All in all idyllic, but also fairly touristy in the high-season. There are various lovely beaches and bays not far away.


Kap Lefkatas

The southern-most tip of Lefkas is always well worth a trip. The rocks here rise straight up from the sea in bizarre, jagged forms to a precipitous height of 70 m. According to legend, the poet Sappho jumped to her death from here because of a broken heart.


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